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More Practical Money Saving Tips That Can Save You $$$$

Money saving and managing debt goes hand in hand. That’s why for this post, we are giving more practical money saving tips that you can implement immediately. Buying small items, big …

read more 14.Aug.2018
How to Negotiate for a Higher Salary (for New and Existing Jobs)

One of the ways to get out of debt is to have a higher income or get another income source. And you can do this by either: Asking for a …

read more 6.Aug.2018
Top Tips on How to Manage Money from Couples Who’ve Done It

“You don’t get married for yourself, you get married because you’re better together than separate” ~ Dirk Hayhurst   Being married is one of the most wonderful things in the …

read more 25.Jul.2018
What is Phishing Attack and How You Can Protect Yourself

If you have been reading the news lately, you must have known that there are increases in phishing attacks these days, and it could be a bit scary. (Remember those …

read more 17.Jul.2018
4 Tips on How to Improve Credit Score

Credit score or credit rating shows how trustworthy you are as a borrower. It is like your “grades” when it comes to credit performance. A credit rating is important because …

read more 4.Jul.2018
How to Budget and Pay Debts When You are Behind on Bills

You probably already know that if you have debt, you need to budget, save money and pay debts as soon as you can. However, if you are having trouble making …

read more 11.Jun.2018
How to Apply Minimalism to Save Money and Your Life

Have you experienced living or working in places with a lot of clutter, like a messy house or an office table with heaps of papers here and there? Most people …

read more 16.May.2018
7 Tips on How to Mentally Deal with Impulse Buying

We all know that we need to save, but sometimes, we get in a dilemma of deciding whether or not to buy a certain item. For example, you might be …

read more 2.May.2018
Getting a home – should I rent or buy a house?

Should I rent or buy a house? This is a question most often asked by young people who have just started their careers and are now making their mark as …

read more 11.Apr.2018
16 Sure Ways on How to Earn Extra Money

If you are in a bind right now, one of the best ways to combat debt is to look for alternative sources of income. There are actually a lot of …

read more 16.Mar.2018
How to Be Successful in Creating Budgets Using Zero Based Method

Budgeting may sound scary especially if you haven’t tried it yet, or if you hate numbers. Sometimes, people don’t want to budget because they think they don’t have anything to …

read more 2.Mar.2018
10 Personal Finance Goals for Your 70’s

Whether you’re already retired or planning to retire, your 70’s is the decade of your life where you should be focusing on living a comfortable retirement and leaving a lasting …

read more 20.Feb.2017
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