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In Need Of Debt Assistance?

We at Credit Counsellors Australia recognise that in life things often happen that are outside our control. Whether your unwanted debt is due to an unexpected change in your employment, living, or relationship status, unexpected expenses or overspending, our team can provide you with the debt assistance you need to help put you back on course financially. With thousands of satisfied clients and over 10 years of experience, our team can provide you with debt assistance tailored to your situation. What makes us unique is our focus on delivering an unrivalled client experience. We do this through our focus on delivering a personalised strategy for everyone of clients, and taking the time to understand your unique circumstances and financial goals.

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What Debt Assistance Can We Provide?

Formal Debt Agreements

we are leading providers of debt agreements in Australia. A debt agreement is a tool that can help you settle your outstanding debts without filing for bankruptcy.

Informal Debt Agreements

An informal debt agreement is similar to a formal debt agreement, however ins’t bound by the Bankruptcy Act and as such doesn’t have an impact on your credit file.

Filing For Bankruptcy

while we strive to help our clients avoid filing for bankruptcy, sometimes this may be the only option. If so, we can ensure you have all the facts and can help you through the process.

What Debt Assistance Options Are Available To Me?

If you have $5,000+ in debt – we can help you. Depending on your financial position, there are generally a number of debt mitigation and negotiation options available provided you meet the eligibility criteria. At Credit Counsellors Australia we provide a holistic approach to debt rescue to ensure we can help you eliminate your unwanted debt in an effective and sustainable way. As such we provide a range of strategies to minimise your unwanted debt as well as the education required to improve your financial literacy and prevent the accumulation of future debt. If you’re tired of your debt and are ready to take action towards eliminating this burden, then please contact one of experienced team members today to arrange your complimentary consultation.

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