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Currently Have a Debt Problem? We Can Help You Eliminate Your Debt

Tired of being in debt? Sick of feeling like you’re taking one step forward and two steps back? If you’ve sick of your debt problems and you’re ready to take action towards rectifying your debt challenges, then we can help you. Our team are experts in eliminating unwanted debt and can help you gain control of your finances.

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How Do We Help You Overcome Your Debt Challenges?

Credit Counsellors Australia have over 10 years experience in helping Australians win the battle against unwanted debt.

What makes us unique is our personalised approach to understanding our client’s situation and guiding them down a proven path to a debt-free future. Depending on your situation, our team can assist with a range of debt elimination strategies tailored to your unique set of circumstances that are proven to get you results.

We provide a range of services such as debt and personal insolvency agreements, credit repair, bankruptcy proceedings, and budget advice, just to mention a few. The most common of which are debt agreements and budget advice.

What Is A Debt Agreement?

A Debt Agreement is an alternative to bankruptcy; it is a legally binding agreement between you and your creditors whereby your creditors agree to accept a sum of money in place of your outstanding debt that is based on your capacity for what you can afford. Provided you meet the eligibility criteria, this can be an alternative to bankruptcy, although submitting a Debt Agreement Proposal is considered an act of bankruptcy. For a complimentary review of your financial position and to through the options available, please contact us today. We’ve helped thousands of Australians overcome the challenges of debt and we can help you do the same.

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