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Sometimes people incur large amounts of personal debt due to cash-flow issues or bad debtors in their business. And sometimes it’s just due to poor use of credit when times are good.

But when you can’t afford to keep up with your personal debts, you’re putting your business at risk as well. If you owe more than $120,000 and need help, then get in touch with us before it’s too late.

A Personal Insolvency Agreement is better than Bankruptcy

  • It’s only on your credit file for 5 years
  • No restrictions on earnings or travel

A ‘PIA’ is still an act of Bankruptcy, but it doesn’t carry the same restrictions on your lifestyle as a bankruptcy does.
It’s simply a formal agreement between yourself and your creditors to pay out your debts.

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How it works, in 5 simple steps:

  • Get a FREE Debt Assessment from us first

    to establish your situation, and talk it over with one of our financial specialists

  • Engage us, and we’ll contact your creditors on your behalf

    to let them know we’re administering your debts

  • We’ll prepare a Proposal for your creditors based on what you can pay

    and coordinate with them to come to an agreement

  • We’ll formalise the paperwork to make it all official

  • We’ll then help you manage your finances moving forward

    so that you’re building wealth for the future

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