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Need Help With Debt?

Then you’re in the right place! At Credit Counsellors Australia we are leaders in providing help with debt, enabling our clients to regain control of their finances and set the financial direction for their lives. We have been providing help with debt for over 10 years, in which time we have helped thousands of Australians free themselves of unwanted debt and commence down the path to financial prosperity. There are a number of tools available to help you alleviate the stress of unwanted debt and take control of your financial future. Depending on your situation we can help tailor a solution to help you overcome your debt challenges and re-gain control of your life.

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A Few Tips To Help With Debt

There are a number of factors that can lead to the accumulation of unwanted debt. Regardless of your current position, below are a few tips for good financial management, which can help with your debt challenges and improve your financial intelligence.

Freeze or minimise interest. Often, high-interest charges can make paying off debt incredibly difficult, as your payments are primarily comprised of the interest component of the debt. Looking for ways to reduce the interest payable on your outstanding debt can enable you to pay off more of the principle debt sooner

Put together a budget – it’s about what you learn in the process! Fundamentally debt accumulates because we have more expenses than income. Understanding your level of income and expenses is the first step to preventing further accumulation of debt. Once you understand your income and expenses (and have it written down), you can see the full picture of where your money comes in and out. Helping highlight where the surpluses and deficits are, and can be incredibly revealing as you learn about your spending habits

Once these documents are accepted by AFSA you are then considered bankrupt. You will receive confirmation of your bankruptcy number via mail, and a document outlining your obligations whilst bankrupt.

We Can Help You With Your Debt

We understand that sometimes the pressure of unwanted debt can be crippling and can often impact other areas of your life such as relationships, work, and sleep. At Credit Counsellors Australia, we are here to prevent that from happening to you, or alleviate some of the pressure you may be feeling. We provide a complimentary financial assessment session with one of our highly experienced team members to enable you to take action today. Our team are leaders in providing debt advice and strategies for debt relief. For further information, please contact one of experienced team members today.

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