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Our team are self-motivated, focused and highly qualified and always ready to help our clients

We’re proud to be one of the most highly regarded Personal Debt Solutions companies in Australia and it’s our team members who make this possible.


Highly qualified, dedicated and determined, Matthew Youn brings a wealth of experience to his role as Chief Executive Officer at Credit Counsellors Australia. Matt graduated from Griffith with a Bachelors in Business and a Masters in Commerce. He then completed an Executive MBA at Bond.

Matt ensures that Credit Counsellors Australia provides the most up-to-date, relevant and cost-effective solutions for those in financial difficulty. Driven by high ideals and values, Matt leads with honesty and integrity. His focus on creating an environment that drives productivity and loyalty is a tangible benefit to clients. His vision encompasses Honesty, Excellence, Accountability, Respect and Teamwork.

These values are integral to the team and business and provide a framework in which to achieve the best service in the Insolvency Industry.


As one of the founding Directors of Personal Insolvency Professional Association or PIPA (formerly DAPA Debt Agreement Practitioners Association), our Chief Operating Officer, Karl Robinson is an eminently qualified Insolvency Professional and brings with him a wealth of experience garnered over 16 years in the Insolvency Industry. Passionate about helping people create a new financial reality, Karl is committed to educating clients about the possibilities available to them by sharing his vast knowledge and expertise in the financial realm. As many of his clients will testify, frustration and fear often turns to a sense of immense relief once they have had their first consultation. Karl’s belief is that everyone deserves an opportunity to reclaim their financial freedom.


A Senior Consultant with Credit Counsellors Australia, Andres Duque is passionate about helping others and finding the best possible outcome for those in financial distress. Driven and responsible, Andres has a Masters in Commerce (accounting and Finance), a Bachelor’s in Business and a Diploma in Business, ensuring that his clients receive the most relevant advice appropriate to their circumstances. Committed to ongoing and never-ending improvement, Andres, who speaks both English and Spanish fluently, consistently applies himself to achieving the best outcomes for his clients.


Daniel Blokesch an Insolvency Officer, with Creditor Counsellors Australia, loves helping financially distraught clients and is passionate about deepening his insolvency knowledge. Daniel, who speaks both German and English fluently, has a Master’s of Business, majoring in Finance. Not new to the Finance Industry Daniel has previously worked in Funds Management, Financial Planning, and Data Science. This experience and knowledge ensures his clients receive the most relevant and up-to-date advice in their circumstance. Daniel is able to produce creative solutions to problems which others might not have identified and has seen the speedy resolution of financial matters. Never scared of a difficult task; Daniel has seen constant success in all his clients.


A Compliance Officer, with Credit Counsellors Australia, Stefani Sims loves being able to work with a variety of people. She believes this experience has helped shape her into a well-rounded individual. Driven and responsible, Stefani has a Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice, Certificate II in ICT and Certificate III in Business Administration, and is currently completing the Personal Insolvency Accreditation Program. Committed to ongoing and never-ending growth, Stefani, consistency applies herself to achieving the best results for her clients.


In several respects, it is an oddity that someone, trained in credit management, and immersed in the profession since leaving school, should ultimately transfer to a career in personal insolvency. I didn’t consider this peculiarity when the opportunity arose to realign my vocation. My reality was that I had garnered considerable knowledge of financial services over the years, it’s processes and related legislation that I could feel very comfortable applying what I had learnt in reverse, so to speak.

One of the most remarkable experiences, which occurs daily, is the satisfaction of knowing that in that day’s work many financially distressed consumers have been helped, and saved from the savages of bankruptcy and creditor harassment.

As Chairperson of this company, my role is to educate and mentor our employees; to offer a totally professional service to consumers founded upon integrity, ethical conduct and a duty of care.


Arman Salehirad is a Junior Insolvency Officer with Credit Counsellors Australia. He is currently
studying a Bachelor of Laws at Bond University. Arman enjoys completing Part IX Debt Agreements
along with interacting and building relationships with clients. He is an effective communicator and
team player, which makes him thrive at his current role. Arman is fluent in English and Farsi, and
speaks intermediate French.


As a consultant with Credit Counsellors Australia, Cassie Lu is proud to be a part of the professional
team that helps others in financial distress. She has a Master of Commerce (Accounting) from
Griffith University and a Graduate Diploma of Marketing Management from Central Queensland

Cassie is a friendly and dedicated team member, and prides herself providing every client with high
quality, stress-free level of service. Cassie can speak both Mandarin and English fluently. She
believes she can help people to regain financial freedom and to guide them towards having a debt
free life.


Mohamad Fathalla is an Insolvency Officer, with Credit Counsellors Australia, a proud new member
of a passionate team dedicated in helping customers manage their debt.  Mohamad strongly
believes in Credit Counsellors Australia’s mission in helping thousands of Australians manage their
debt and achieve financial freedom. Mohamad has a Bachelor of Science in Financial Economics and
a Master of Business Administration from Southern Cross University; studies that he will be utilising
effectively to ensure that he guides his clients into a stress free and debt free life.


Ryan Abedian is a Junior Insolvency Officer that has been working with Credit Counsellors Australia
since graduating high school. Combining his passions for personal financing and helping people, he
applied for an internship and loved every minute of being immersed in the solvency field; using his
vigour he decided to come onto the team part-time while simultaneously studying a Bachelor of
Commerce, majoring in Economics and Law, at Bond University. His commitment and empathy
towards each client’s unique situation is second to none. Using the knowledge he is constantly
acquiring at university, he brings new information and fresh ideas to his clients and team every
week, providing the highest level of ethics for his services.


A Consultant with Credit Counsellors Australia, Aimi Jakes is passionate about helping people
manage their finances and relieve them from the burden of financial debt. Aimi brings a wealth of
knowledge acquired over many years working in the Banking and Finance industry, both in England
and Australia. With a Certificate IV in Mortgages, Aimi understands how important it is to manage
money properly and has a clear understanding as to what products best suit an individual’s needs.
Aimi has a friendly, caring and committed approach to help support clients throughout the debt


Carly is the Executive Assistant at Credit Counsellors, dealing primarily with the accounting matters
of the firm. Carly has joined our team from Canada as her fiancé pursues his law degree in Australia.
Prior to moving to Australia she developed a wealth of knowledge in commercial real estate
investments while working for a large Canadian firm. She has completed her Bachelor of Business
Administration – Finance from the University of Regina (Canada). Carly is excited about further
developing her knowledge in the financial sector and helping the team at Credit Counsellors achieve
their goals.


Matt Shepherd is an Insolvency Officer with Credit Counsellors Australia and is passionate about
assisting individuals and families manage their finances and overcome their debt issues.
With a Bachelor of Commerce (Financial Planning and Economics) from Griffith University, Matt is
determined to assist his clients in any way possible, guiding them into a lifestyle free of debt.


Sienna Rogerson is an Insolvency Officer with Credit Counsellors Australia. She has strong customer service skills thanks greatly to working in various customer focused industries.

Whilst working at EnergyAustralia in the Credit team she has gained her knowledge and understanding of Insolvency, Deceased estates and debt collection.

Sienna has completed a Certificate III in Business Administration and Customer Service and a Certificate IV in Business Administration.

Sienna is hardworking friendly, and has a can do attitude.


Prab Kaur is an Accounting and Insolvency officer with Credit Counsellors Australia. Prab has graduated from Griffith University with a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Accounting and Finance.

She is applying her knowledge gained in university to her professional life and adding value to her work. She is self-motivated and driven individual who is determined to work assigned and produce maximum results and satisfaction out of it.


Insolvency Officer Yishay is a highly motivated and experienced sales representative seeking a new professional challenge, with specialised experience in dealing with investments and financial institutions.

Yishay is passionate about assisting his clients through financial adversity and is constantly providing strategies that will guide his clients towards financial independence.

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