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Paying off Debt
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Struggling With Paying Off Debt? We Can Help

When it comes to paying off debt, it can sometimes feel as if you’re taking one step forward and two steps back. This isn’t uncommon; unfortunately this is the nature of interest. However, the good news is that there are solutions to stop accruing interest and calls from debt collectors, and start eliminating your unwanted debt.

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What Can Our Team Do For You?

At Credit Counsellors Australia we offer our clients a range of effective strategies for paying off debt through a range of debt minimisation and financial education instruments such as debt agreements, debt consolidation, and personalised budgeting tools.

If you have over $5,000 in debt, our team of consultants can help negotiate to settle unsecured debts, consolidate outstanding debts into a single manageable payment, freeze accruing interest, stop civil proceedings, protect your assets, and help tailor a personalised budget based on your current situation to help achieve financial freedom.

There are a number of factors in life that can impact your financial situation. Whether it’s losing your employment, personal illness or injury resulting in unexpected expenses or a decline in income, illness or the loss of a family member, a relationship break down, or simply over exposure to debt which has, or is becoming difficult to service.

Often these events are out of your control, but can lead to you feeling ashamed, embarrassed or overwhelmed. What is important is that you accept the situation, as unfortunately worrying about it isn’t going to solve the problem, what you need to do is take action and get help to pay off your debts.

Take Action On Financial Control

To further discuss the debt minimisation and financial education instruments that are available contact us today and get help to pay off your debts and get control of your finances.

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