16 Sure Ways on How to Earn Extra Money

If you are in a bind right now, one of the best ways to combat debt is to look for alternative sources of income. There are actually a lot of ways on how to earn extra money if you are willing to try. All you have to do is to devote some time and maybe a little capital on some options.  Some can be done at home, some outside, some can earn small, some big, some a bit difficult and some pretty easy. But all of them will be able to get you through difficult times.

How Fast Can I Earn?

There’s really no fixed rule on how fast you can get your extra income. It depends on your skills, how much time you are willing to spend on it and how quickly you can get customers or clients. But one thing is for sure, you will be able to earn.

What do I need to earn?

Aside from time and skills as mentioned above, you will need a computer and internet connection for many options below. Most of you might already have them at home.

Mindset is also very important. When we perceive the lack of something, we feel scarcity and that it seems there’s not much to go around. When you are like that, do your best to move into the abundance mindset. This list will help you earn more, but if you don’t fix your mindset first, you will quickly lose interest when you find these boring or difficult and will end up with nothing.

It is also important to learn new things even if they are not in alignment with your career or training. With internet in our hands, it’s much easier to learn things these days.


“You are your most valuable asset. Make an investment in your capacity to earn an income. Get extra qualifications. The more you learn the more you earn”


Here are 16 Ways on How to Earn Extra Money

A. If you have a lot of used items around the house:

1. Online sales or garage sales

If you have time, clean up your house and take an inventory of unused items. You can sell those old items online, and not only did you clean your house, you will feel lighter as well!

You can sell your items online on Gumtree, Facebook groups, Trading Post, QuickSales, Ebay and Fishpond. If you prefer traditional selling, you can sell them on markets, garage sale or local classifieds.

2. Rent your items

These are for items that you don’t need right now but you might need in the future. They can be musical instruments, gadgets, baby equipment, computers, camera and such.

3. Use Pawnshops

If you have good items, like jewelry or gadgets, you can pawn them on pawnshops. Pawn Shops are individuals or businesses that offer loans with personal items as collateral. You can get instant spot cash, then you can get your items back after you have repaid your loan.

Note though that you will get less money than the value of the item so sometimes it is better to sell it yourself to individuals or online. The fees can be quite high as well and you will end up paying more for your item if you want it back.


B. If you are online savvy:

1. Be a freelancer

If you have programming skills, customer support experience, design, writing, accounting, marketing, virtual assistant and such, you can offer your services as a freelancer. Nowadays there are lots of businesses who are looking for remote workers, if you have the skills and working from home appeals to you, why not give this a try?

To start you can register on freelance sites like Freelancer.com, Upwork, People per Hour, Guru, Contena, Freelance.org.au, Seek.com.au, Airtasker.com among others. You can also get clients from Linkedin, Facebook or direct hire from companies.

2. Answer paid surveys

There are paid surveys that you can answer when you are not busy. They don’t pay much but it can be a good addition to income. Companies use the answers on these paid surveys when they want to have a market study done for a particular product they want to sell. So in a way, you are influencing these companies to tailor fit their products to your liking.

Here are some samples:

Pureprofile – it is easy to build a profile here as they ask just basic questions. After that they will send you emails and you can choose what survey you want to participate in. You earn rewards and you can exchange them for cash, gift cards or movie tickets.

Toluna.com – Toluna is a survey company that has branches all over the world, and has over 10 million members. You are rewarded points everytime you answer surveys, and you can choose whether to be paid thru Paypal or gift cards. There are times that you won’t be qualified for a survey but you still get points for the effort :). They also give you chance to join the sweepstakes which can help you win thousands of cash dollars.

Octopus group – as like the other two above, signing up is pretty easy. As other bloggers said, you can earn $4-$8 per day in average. Not bad just sitting around right? You won’t receive a lot of surveys to answer but when you do, you will be well paid.

Aside from the above, other surveys you can try are Mint Surveys, Swagbucks, MySurvey, MyOpinions and OpinionWorld.

3. Sell Ebooks

If you are good at writing, you can create eBooks and sell your books on Amazon or similar sites. The sales you will get from your books would depend on how useful or entertaining the content would be. So be sure to write about things that your readers will find great. You can promote your books online like social media and Google to increase sales.


C. If you have a spare room, house or space

1. Rent your room

You can rent your room out to students, employees or if you want short term you can register in AirBnb. Post your room or house’ photos online and wait for people interested to rent out. Be sure to clean up before taking photos for added appeal.

2. Rent your garage

If you have a garage just lying about, you can rent it out as well. There are people who need to store their stuffs, just don’t forget to lay out rules on what they can store and keep an eye on the items.

3. Banner advertisements

If your house is near main or busy roads, you can allow small advertisements on your front, wall or anywhere possible. You can send proposals to local businesses or your friends who have services to offer.


D. If you are a creative

1. Sell your photos

If you are good with photography, you can sell your images at sites like Shutterstock or 500px. Companies and sites will buy your photos and you will earn a commission for every sale. You can also do this through Fiverr.com.

If you don’t like selling images online, you can sell your services as a photographer for weddings, birthdays and similar celebrations. You can even build your own photo booth. Who knows, this might be the business that will free you from debt!

2. Create and sell crafts

If you are good at sewing, craft, painting, calligraphy and such, you can sell your work online, local market, Facebook, Instagram or Etsy. Art related workshops are getting in demand these days as well so why not set up your own workshop and network with more people and gain more friends. They could open you to a lot more opportunity.


E. If you like mingling with people and kids or prefer manual skills

1. Babysitting

If you love kids, you can try babysitting to earn extra cash.  It will be up to you and your current employer for the rate. Just be sure that you are able to take care of kids and attend to their needs like feeding, playing, keeping them clean, and other tasks the parents will assign. You can start off right at your own neighborhood. There might be someone who would need your services, or register to online nanny portals.

2. Tutoring

If you are good at academics especially Math, you can provide your services as a tutor. If you know another language, you can also tutor by signing up for online language schools as an instructor or creating your own online school yourself.

3. Doing Odd jobs

If you are good with carpentry, sewage, electricals and such, you can offer your services for house maintenance, or help someone move in or check houses to be bought if they are in good condition. You can advertise your services online like Craiglist or Facebook. The best thing about these jobs is you get to be paid outright in cash. A good site to look for similar jobs is Airtasker

4. Mystery Shopper

Mystery shopping means you will be getting paid to shop or study retail establishments for your clients. You will be given specifications on what you need to buy or what you need to observe, and sometimes you even get to travel to other countries. You can try registering in Retail Mystery Shopping and apply for assignments.

5. Be an Uber driver

Do you have spare time to drive? How about applying as an Uber driver? According to members you can earn from a few hundred dollars  a week to thousands, depending on the number of hours you are logged on. Your car should be less than 9 years old to be eligible and of course, you must have driver’s license and insurance.


So that’s it! Those are 16 ways on how to earn extra income. Some can even be your main source of income, so we hope you can try these soon and start saving up and pay your debts.


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